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Customer picture!

Here's a Chroma Soundweaver for the ZMF flagship the Omni! Thanks for the awesome pic Ky! Specifications:Type: Chroma Soundweaver, Red + Silver Grey twistedLength: 5 feetWire core: Canare Quad Star L4ESSplitter: Viablue    

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Showing off cables!

While our Instagram ( and Facebook ( feeds are constantly updated - we haven't been showing off customer cables on our website. From now on the website will also get more pictures than the IG/Facebook feed as well as more description! Here's the latest cable for one of our friends in...

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Slight Build Delay :(

Hey All!A quick update - I just moved to a new house/office so getting settled back in and getting back to cabling making was slowed down last week - I'm hoping to ramp up again very soon, and have a few cables sent out this week to eager customers!-JerroldHivemind Cables...

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Experimental 12-core Silver Truthseeker! For Audio-Technica R70X

I've been toying with the idea of going even more ridiculously premium and increasing the number of wire cores to the Silver Truthseeker from 8 to 12, and possibly even 16 (or more!) in the future :) As as thank you I've asked a few customers if they were interested in...

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